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Your house’s exterior is subject to constant damage from weather elements, especially rain and wind. These elements can cause damage to masonry and the guttering system, sometimes causing them to become overwhelmed.

We’ll help you get your gutters back in order quickly with our expert advice and step-by-step guidance.

Water will seep through your walls if the gutters aren’t functioning properly. It is important to fix problems in your gutters immediately.

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Leaking Gutters

A downpipe that leaks in heavy rain may indicate that there is an obstruction below it. However, you might be able dislodge the obstruction with a gardenhose. Cover the drain and turn the water on. If this doesn’t work or the blockage is at the top, you can use wire to remove it. You might have to drain the blockage from the top or tear off a portion of the pipe.

A leaking gutter can cause you to forget all about it until the next rainstorm. Constant water dripping from your conservatory roof can drive anyone insane. You will eventually crack your roof and ask yourself what it costs to repair gutters.

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A hopper head that has water overflowing indicates there is debris or leaves in it. Begin by removing any leaves from the hopper head. You can also unblock the downpipe from below ground level if it is blocked.

To remove the obstruction, cover the drain with a gardenhose. Drain rods can be used to remove the blockage from the top if that fails.

Check to make sure that the plastic downpipe does not have a loose connection bolt. Replace it with the galvanized bolt of the exact same size.

You may also find that your wall plugs are loose. Replace them, reattach the screws or install new galvanised screws of 6.5mm. Remove the screws or fixing nails from a cast-iron downpipe and install wall plugs. Next, drive or attach galvanized screws to the nails. You can remove or replace wooden plugs if they are damaged.

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